What We Offer

New Home Sites

We work with you to determine the best building site based on the following:

* Suitable for building

* Feasible (within your budget)

* Possible Wetland Issues

* Recommend site location and building location

Septic Systems

We offer the latest technology in onsite sewage treatment systems and have all training and certifications necessary to install the following systems:

* Trench systems

* Mound systems

* Peat filter systems

* Sand filter systems

* Media filter systems

* Holding tank systems

Land Clearing and Excavation

We bring a cost effective approach to all land clearing and excavation applying the right size equipment to do the job.  Whether it's a bull dozer, large or small excavator, skid steer loader or other equipment, we have what you need.


We provide all necessary trucking and materials to build or improve your driveway.  We install all necessary culverts and apply a solid underlayment of coarse material before finishing with quality class 5 material or limestone.


We finish your project with final grading of land, applying top soil and laying sod.  Where appropriate we specialize in working with Lake Superior region boulders to enhance your project and increase the value of your property.